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Bit-Market - the company and this website in the text of this Agreement are collectively called "We" or other names of the first person. For the convenience of the formulation of this Agreement, individuals or other subjects are members of this Website or other subjects are considered users of this Web site and are further called "you" or other names of the second person. For the convenience of the formulation of this Agreement, "We" and "You" in the text of the Agreement are called jointly "Parties", and separately - "side". All content of this Website can be for the convenience of users are represented in different languages ​​and in case of inconsistencies or omitting in versions in other languages, the Chinese version has prevail.

Important reminders:

We hereby draw your attention to the following:

 • 1. Title assets themselves are not issued by any financial institutions, companies or a real website;

 • 2. The digital assets are completely new, unrecognized and, possibly incapable of growth;

 • 3. Typric assets are mainly used by speculators, and retail sales and use on the commercial market are relatively small; The transactions of digital assets are subject to extremely high risk, transactions with them pass throughout the day, they have no restrictions on growth or fall, the price is easily and significantly fluctuated as a result of the influence of brokers and government policies around the world;

 • 4.If the company takes a one-way decision that you have violated this Agreement that the provision of services of this Website on the territory of your jurisdiction is illegal or your actions to use the services of this Website are illegal, the company has the right anytime Suspend or stop the action of your account, pause or stop providing you with the Services of this website you use, or transactions of digital assets. Persons in the USA and Japan are prohibited from the use of the services provided by this Web site.

Transactions with digital assets have extremely high risks and are not suitable for the absolute majority of persons. You are informed and understand that such investments can lead to partial or complete losses, so you must define the amount of investment through the rated level of damage. You are informed and understand that digital assets lead to risks, therefore, if you have any doubts, we recommend to first seek help to a financial consultant. In addition to the aforementioned risks, there may also be unforeseen risks. When making any decision on the purchase or sale of digital assets, you must thoroughly think about and soberly assess our financial position and the various aforementioned risks, as well as carry all the losses caused by this; We are not responsible for it.

We warn you:

 • 1. They are informed that this website is only a place to obtain information on digital assets, search for trading partners, negotiation and transaction deployment with digital assets; This website is not involved in any of your transactions. Therefore, you must independently and carefully determine the authenticity, the legality and effectiveness of the corresponding digital assets and / or information, and independently carry the responsibility and loss caused by this.

 • 2. Love opinions, news, research, tests, prices, recommendations and other messages on this website are ordinary market comments and are not recommendations on investments. We do not carry any losses caused directly or indirectly by following these reports, including, among other things, any loss of profits.

 • 3. Conducts the present website at any time to change without notice; We have already taken reasonable measures to ensure the accuracy of website messages, but we cannot guarantee the degree of their accuracy and do not carry any losses, directly or indirectly called messages on this website or the inability to connect to the Internet, delay or failure in sending or receiving any Alerts and messages.

 • 4. In the use of Internet transaction system, there are also risks, including, among other things, software failure, hardware and Internet connections. In view of the fact that we cannot control the reliability and availability of the Internet, we do not carry any responsibility for distortion, delays and connection failures.

 • 5.Bit-Market is the only official platform of the external declaration of information;

 • 6.Replies to use this website for money laundering, smuggling, commercial bribery and other illegal


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Instant support anywhere in the world

The platform was launched in order to make the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency as easy as possible for all site visitors who want to quickly buy or sell quickly. We can see a large selection of cryptocurrencies, only the most reputable and listed on the world cryptobirds. Such coins are presented: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple and many others.

Simply select the cryptocurrency you want to buy, enter your email address and crypto wallet, and follow the instructions for buying or selling. After your order is paid or the transfer of a cryptocurrency is completed, you will receive a cryptocurrency on your wallet or money transfer to your card, usually within 15 minutes.

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