Cryptocurrency news
Ohio will explore the advantages of the blockchain during real estate trading

A group of district auditors of the American state of Ohio launched a study of the benefits that can be obtained when using the blockchain in carrying out real estate transactions.The Ohio Association Association (CAAO) has formed a working group to find out the possibility of using the blockchain technology to make real estate transactions faster and more efficient. In this workgroup, the SafeChain startup may start, which is just engaged in transferring real estate transaction...

Bank of Lithuania updated the position of cryptocurrencies and ICO

The Lithuanian Bank has updated its position on virtual assets and primary placement of tokens (ICO).Bank Lithuania initially publishedDocument with a detailed description of its position in relation to ICO and digital currencies in October 2017. It was determined how and when virtual assets can be used to pay. The document also specified as and under what conditions the participants in the financial market can create funds for investment in virtual assets.Judging by the new document, the Bank practically did not make changes to their fund...

FBI is looking for potential victims of the cryptocurrency pyramid BitConnect

The Federal Bureau of Cleveland's investigations is looking for potential investors in the already stopped existence of BitConnect, which operated according to the Ponzi scheme. "The FBI is looking for potential victims of the Bitsonnect cryptocurrency pyramid that BCC token in 2016 was bought within the framework of ICO, the statement saidlaw enforcement body. - To buy the bulk of the time, to exchange or sell the cryptocurrency of the company was only on the BitSonnect's own stock exchange. By mid-December 2017, the BCC capitalization reached a mark of $ 2.5 billion,...

MYETHERWALLET will launch conversion cryptocurrency in Fiat without verification

The popular wallet for Myetherwallet Etirium in collaboration with the Swiss company Bity will provide users with the ability to exchange cryptocurrencies to the Fiat without verification procedure.Bity provides cryptocurrency services to residents of different countries and serves a network of cryptomatoes in Switzerland. The possibility of an output cryptocurrency in Fiat without verification is possible within the local law on countering money laundering.

Wilsons Auctions Auction House will sell confiscated cryptocurrency for $ 390 thousand

The Wilsons Auctions Independent Auction House will sell cryptocurrency for 300,000 pounds of sterling, seized by the Belgian government in the case of illicit drug trafficking through darket.24-hour online auction will begin at noon on February 28. In a statementWilsons states that bitcoins without reservation will be sold to lots from 0.5 BTC to 4 BTC each. The list of assets for sale includes 104.99 BTC, BCH and BTG. Lots for BCH and BTG will contain a greater number of coins.Wilsons, who won the Belgian government's contract for auction, also noted that the total va...

Facebook is considering the possibility of introducing user authentication in the blockchain

The Creator and CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg considers the possibility of using the blockchain in the authentication processes of users of various web services, without relying on third parties.In an interview with Harvard Professor, Jonathan Zuckerberg (Jonathan Zittrain), Zuckerberg noted that at the moment Facebook Connect is a popular user authentication system for third-party sites and services, however, a solution to the distributed registry can become an alternative option for performing these tasks. "I think about how it would be possible to us...

Coinflex began trading in cryptocurrency futures in the Asian market

February 20, the Coinflex platform, providing futures for Bitcoin with physical delivery and credit shoulder up to 20X, announcedThe fact that the platform website began work. Last month, it was reported that the trading platform plans to offer bitcoin futures contracts (BTC), Bitcash (BCH) and Ether (ETH), which will be traded against Tether (USDT).Coinflex belongs to a consortium in which Trading Technologies International, a cryptocurrency trader Mike Komaransky and Dragonfly...

Korean KT Corporation launches the blockchain platform

In March, Korean telecommunications company KT Corporation will launch a blockchain-platform based on the Baas concept for local business.KT presented the concept of interested business clients at the presentation this week. The project is implemented in order to increase the availability of the blockchain technology in the local market.The platform was developed with the participation of the KT Corporation Blockchalter, which launched a commercial n...

Hockey Team La Kings uses blockchain to authenticate the brand

American Hockey Team La Kings uses blockchain technology. To track the authenticity of the goods of your brand.The AR Authentication Blockchain was created with the participation of the Pro EXP Media startup in order to provide fans buying various goods with the team logo, the ability to make sure the authenticity of these products.The press release does not specify the technical capabilities of the application, but it is said that it relies on various tests and shows the fake if the pr...

BLOCKCHAIR - Anonymous Bluecharger Observer Popular Cryptovaly

BLOCKCHAIR - Bluechard Basister Basic Cryptovalum, which makes focus on the confidentiality of visitors and providing the most detailed information about transactions.The Blockchair team has launched a version in Russian this week. Blockchair has been working since 2016, but the Russian version has been running only now.The service supports several popular cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin SV and DOGECOIN. The creat...


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