Our advantages

Bit-Market is a universal solution for cryptocurrency.

We carefully follow the global trends in a developing society and proudly declare our main goal. We strive to combine well-proven currencies with modern financial technologies in order to facilitate the emergence of a new model in a global financial environment.

Security - Personal data are encrypted, your digital assets are stored on your wallets

Speed ​​- Fast verification, instant payment and sending cryptocurrency

Reliability - round-the-clock help customers, numerous positive feedback from customers

Convenience - intuitive interface, global coverage, availability from any point of the planet /

Our interface is simple and understood as experienced traders and beginners. The developed API is accompanied by affordable documentation. The functionality of our graph of courses allows the accurate and fast analysis of the current situation on the stock exchange. We appreciate and ensure the security of personal data and users.

So that customers can get the maximum benefit, we made the Commission low. We do not limit the input and output of funds.

Our support service is responsible in English and Russian.

Comfortable, modern platform.

Reliable regulation. Matching world AML and KYC standards /

Powerful and easy-to-use platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies.


Maximum buying and selling speed

Your data is confidential and secure.
No commissions

No commissions for working with cryptocurrencies

Instant support anywhere in the world

Your data is confidential and secure.

The platform was launched in order to make the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency as easy as possible for all site visitors who want to quickly buy or sell quickly. We can see a large selection of cryptocurrencies, only the most reputable and listed on the world cryptobirds. Such coins are presented: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple and many others.

Simply select the cryptocurrency you want to buy, enter your email address and crypto wallet, and follow the instructions for buying or selling. After your order is paid or the transfer of a cryptocurrency is completed, you will receive a cryptocurrency on your wallet or money transfer to your card, usually within 15 minutes.

Bit-Market - pays special attention to security. Nothing is more important to us than the safety of our customers while using our service. Using our security system we store all customer information in a secure database using SSL. In order to get more favorable rates on the purchase or sale of cryptocurrency, send us a request and we will individually consider your appeal and offer the best rate available on the market at this moment.